Music Law

E.L. Key Law Group LLC understands music law and issues from a personal and professional perspective. We know entertainment law, but we also know the entertainment business. Whether working on stage, backstage, or behind the scenes for clubs or promoters, dealing with every problem from bookings to tours, costumes, and getting paid, we know the business from the ground up and the top down.

Streaming and visual media. Virtual and augmented reality. Globalization. The evolving business models of independent labels. The rise of music festivals. Blockchain. Broadway and the modern music industry. These are just a few of the disruptors transforming the music industry. Under the hype, there are unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation.

At E.L. Key Law Group LLC , we are very active in representing our clients in capital raises, merger and acquisition opportunities, and generally in the growth and expansion of their businesses.

Our work extends to finance and lending, areas in which our lawyers assist music industry clients in shaping capital structures and raising debt and equity capital. We handle a large number of entertainment and media mergers and acquisitions, advising on intellectual property due diligence, industry-specific valuations, and other matters related to the merger, acquisition or sale of entertainment assets or companies.

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